My Stock Market Story - Engineer By Profession, Businessman in Practice - Wil's Practical Guide to Financial Freedom
It all started on 2008, back then i didn't have any idea about the stock market. I was college back then and i was focused on my studies.
One day my dad approached me.

Jay, halika nga dito (Jay, come here)

It's quite weird since he asked me to look over the PC
It's very unlikely because he seldom uses the PC on our home

To my surprise he showed me the screen
It reads "Philippine Stock Exchange"
Then he asked me "Do you have any idea about this?"

"NO, nothing what is that?" I asked curiously

"Well this is some sort of investment, source of income actually" he said with a smiling face

"Well OK, that seems nice" I said

Being the curious kid that i am, i asked how it works

"Well you just buy and sell shares"
(damn! it's so complicated i said to myself)

"It's simple actually, You buy parts of ownership of a company"

"Wow!, a part owner?!" Nice!!! tell me more.

And the rest is history guys
Maybe i can say that i am lucky because having an investment (capital)
is one of the crucial stages 

I started on April 2009, i chose a broker, deposited my initial capital
buy some shares and that's it
But what's next???

I did not have any idea back then, but thanks to my parents
I was able to get a hold of it

They say it's the most dangerous PLACE on the planet to put your
HARD-EARNED MONEY in the stock market

And i'm glad that is true

I have some mishaps, remember 2009 financial crisis???
I got a hell-a-lot of experience during those days....

I have some losses. it's part of the cycle

So you might ask "Hey Wil, what in the hell are you doing??? Stock Market is a GAMBLE!!!

But here is a fact for you


Remember that many people Created their wealth in the stock market

You could search the internet for those people, I promise you will find a lot

But wait,

Here is the startling truth

more than 80 percent lose MONEY in the STOCK MARKET
because of lack of Education

The bottom line of this is that

Now you may ask, Where should i start???

Well, I would like to give you my
TIPS before starting the invest in the STOCK MARKET:

STEP 1: Study how the stock market works
- This is important because this will give you the basic ideas of how it works
Learn the basic terms (shares, dividends, broker, investor, trader etc.)
-You can also read my previous post about the PSE =)

STEP 2: Choose your broker/ trading participant
- You cannot participate in the Stock Market if you don't have a broker
- Learn their terms and conditions, policies etc.

STEP 3: Ready your investment
- This is very basic =) hehehe

STEP 4: Educate yourself
- These is very crucial because, you cannot blame anyone if you lose money
remember, it's your investment after all

There you have it, I hope you have now the basic TO-DO's on how you will start your investments
Till my Next post, I will show you the many different ways on how
will you manage your STOCKS
Gold :)
1/27/2012 02:06:21 pm

Willie, many thanks for sharing your thoughts! I wanted to participate din sa PSE, pero tingin ko e kulang pa ang knowledge ko about dito. Kaya konting aral pa :)

By the way, aware ka ba dito? Parang short course by the PSE itself (sponsored/partnered by several Universities) na focused sa aspects ng Stock Markets.

Let me know your thoughts about it :) I am interested e. Hehe!

- Allan :)

1/27/2012 05:30:55 pm

Actually I'm aware of that actually Lyceum has one.. But it's very expensive

9/28/2012 05:50:15 pm

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