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During our younger years, we as kids have a hard time sleeping

We are always full of energy even the day is over

So we often asked our parents a lot of things.

And sometimes they end up telling stories

Stories that will discuss anything under the sun
Guys, aminin po natin, in one way or another nagdaan tayo sa ganoong “Stage” ng ating buhay

Do you still remember those stories when you were young???

Some are funny, some are sad, some are frightening.

Yet it survived the test of time for the fact that we remember a majority of them.

Filipinos love stories, no doubt


And we often love to hear stories of other people

And so the term “tsismis” is BORN.. =)


So what’s in a story that makes it so interesting???


You will notice that successful people tends to inspire others by telling their OWN stories.

I looked for an answer on the internet and find this interesting article


It states that Stories are a powerful communication tool.

And there are 5 reason for it


Let’s get over it one at a time shall we??? =)



Why Stories are a Powerful Communication Tool

Stories make a point.

This is quite possibly the simplest and most direct reason why stories are so powerful. Properly selected and told stories can make a point in ways other forms of communication cannot. Stories allow the listener to learn vicariously and discover lessons seemingly on their own. As a leader select your stories carefully and match them to your intended message. Don’t tell stories just “because they are powerful” but because they help you make an important point.

Stories make it memorable.

Well all remember stories, right? In fact, I guarantee you have stories in your mind that have been their most all of your life. While the mechanics of how stories are memorable is beyond the scope of this article, all that really matters right now is that stories can – and do – help people remember things very effectively. As a leader one of your goals with any communication should be to make it memorable. Using well selected, well timed and oft repeated (even though they are memorable) stories will help people remember your message.

Stories make it meaningful.

When we hear a story we have a greater context and understanding of a situation. Stories can personalize a message and make us feel a part of the situation. Use stories to create meaning for people. However, remember, not everyone will have exactly the same meaning. That’s OK, as long as you are telling your stories purposefully and making your main message clear. The meaning each person creates helps them remember and personalize the story.

Stories create and reveal emotions.

Have you ever cried or laughed at a movie, the TV or when reading a book? There is no doubt that stories can create or reveal your emotions. Stories tap into part of what makes us all human. As a leader remember tapping into people’s emotions will help to influence or persuade them.

Stories build connections.

Think about a social situation where you met some new people. It is quite likely the people you feel the greatest bond or attraction to (not necessarily physical, though perhaps) are those who shared a story with you. All stories can create a bond between the teller and the receiver; however, the strongest connections will be forged by personal, first person stories. As a leader, remember your most powerful stories will be things you share about your life experience – especially a time when you failed or made a mistake. Not only can those stories make your intended point, but they also can build a stronger connection or relationship between you and those you are telling the story to.

So what's the relevance of these on MLM???

Balik tayo sa sinabi ko kanina, "People love stories"


Ala sya pakialam kung ano ang PRODUCT MO
Ala sya pakialam kung ano ang COMPENSATION
Ala sya pakialam kung ano ang BENEFITS

Ang may pakialam sya ay kung SINO KA at KUNG ANO ANG MAIIBIGAY MO SA KANYA

It begins on yourself
It begins on your experiences
It begins on your Stories

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